“Join me on a journey through the mind, body and soul. Nameste”

A native Bethesdan, Eleni has established an impressive reputation for quality in therapeutic massage. For over 20 years, her devotion to excellence, both in tools and technique, has grown a devoted clientele in the community. Her work has blossomed into a multi-faceted business as she not only works with a private clientele, she also works with Chiropractic patients as well as performance artists at The Kennedy Center and Jiffy Lube Live. Insisting on using the highest apothecary-grade balms and oils, combined with a client focused technique, Eleni delivers a superior, customized massage experience. Healing energy and mindfulness are also an integral part of Eleni’s method. The senses are bathed in an ambience created of candlelight, crystals, pure oils and gentle music. Clients are left feeling supremely relaxed and centered.

Whether you need a personal massage, or a provider for a group event, Eleni has the expertise to offer an excellent and therapeutic experience.